“Our 10 day Hawaii golf cruise and all of the golf courses you booked for us were every bit what we expected and more.”

Sorry that we couldn’t get access by phone for the post-golf cruise debriefing, but thank you so much for calling us. A nice follow-up touch! Greg and I would just like you to know that our 10 day Hawaii golf cruise and all of the golf courses you booked for us were every bit what we expected and more.

Note, I said the golf courses – and not our personal golf performances!   However, as we are usually only weekend golfers, the frequency of almost daily golf was beginning to teach us a few of our faults and maybe we will learn from this fabulous golf cruise holiday.

The course upgrades you recommended to Kapalua and the Prince were well worthwhile too.  Your on-board pro Cory McKim was always hard-working and respectful to everyone, and we wish him success in any venture that he takes on.  His organizational skills are impeccable.

The Penthouse suite you booked for us on the ship was lovely – and certainly enough room to swing a cat in. The Butler service was very nice and we did appreciate the ability to go to breakfast in the separate dining area in our Suite and on our huge balcony.

As far as the land transport went, we really enjoyed chatting to your chauffer Kevin as he very safely toured us around Oahu.  We were able to get off the ship early with our VIP disembarkation you arranged and there really was no problem catching that 10:20 am flight from Honolulu to Brisbane.  All the other land transport on the other islands went without a hitch also.

The Turtle Bay Golf & Spa Resort was beautiful.  A great introduction to the golf of Hawai’i and great lodgings in the beachside cottage.  We were able to glimpse a little of the big waves that come in to the North Shore.  In another life, we were surfers, so this was somewhat of interest to us too.

Overall, we have really enjoyed this trip.  It was just what we needed and I think both of us were surprised at the difference between our pre-holiday and post-holiday relaxation levels. Thank you for your assistance in booking all of this for us.

Greg & Sharon McD. in Carina, Brisbane, Australia.

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