“Our GolfAhoy Danube River Golf Cruise on AmaWaterways.”

Alas, our GolfAhoy Danube River Golf Cruise with our post-cruise Morocco golf vacation package add-on has ended – and we are all back in Toronto safe and sound.

Here is our report on how it went, and what you could do to make improvements for next year’s GolfAhoy Danube River golf group.

Doug will send you a separate report on the golf courses you organized for our group and how we rated them. Feel free to use excerpts or the full report on your website if you wish.

AmaWaterways was a very good choice on your part. Our ship was brand new and in much better condition than those of Viking, Avalon, and others that we got to walk through when we were double-docked side-by-side going down the Danube. The Ama food was excellent. The wine, which is complimentary on AmaWaterways, surprisingly, was quite good. The Cruise Director on our cruise, Rolf Jilesen, was excellent. He fussed over us golfers like a mother hen.

Your selection of golf courses were, in general, good, although some were better than others, and one we would recommend you drop from the list. We rated each course on a special rating system devised by Doug, the real golfer in the group. He will give you those results in a separate email. However, the course we would recommend you drop is the Black River Course in Bernolakova near Bratislava, Slovakia. They advertise the course as “the toughest course in Europe”, and it probably is. Most of us actually enjoyed it as an adventure into the unknown, but it is very tricky and unfair.

The golf course transportation transfers you organized were always good. The drivers were always on time, polite, and accommodating regarding pick-up times after golf.

You will be pleased to know that a lot of other passengers on our boat and even on other boats that we were tied up to were very interested in our group of golfers. We gave your GolfAhoy web address to quite a number of inquisitive people.

Morocco golf. Everything went smoothly on the Morocco extension you arranged. Having a dedicated car, driver, and guide for the entire time we were in Morocco was great and enabled everything to run smoothly. As you probably know, Morocco is a golf destination for Europeans so there are lots of courses to choose from.

Thanks again for organizing another GolfAhoy golf cruise for us. We all enjoyed it very much.

Dr. George & Peggy T in Toronto, Canada

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