“Thanks for doing such a great job and for talking us into booking the Suite, definitely the way to go.”

We just wanted to report back to you that the Hawaii golf cruise that you organized for us was fantastic.

The weather was perfect every day, sunny and warm but with some nice cool trade winds to make it very pleasant.

We had no rain at all during any of our games over the ten days in Hawaii.

The courses you booked were excellent, every one was different, and all were in very good shape.  No doubt the weakest one of all was the Fazio Course at Turtle Bay, but it was ok to start us out.  All of the others were stunning and exciting and exceeded our expectations.

Kevin, our GolfAhoy chauffeur, was excellent.  He was always on time. Indeed he was always early, so as soon as we showed up, early ourselves, there he was, ready to go.  He always had refreshments and a box of chocolates or cookies for us and gave us a great running commentary as we drove around Oahu.

Cory, your golf pro on the ship, was also excellent.  He has boundless energy, is super friendly, well-organized, etc.  We never had to do anything.  He took care of our club storage on the ship, cleaned our golf shoes every day, and took high-speed videos of our awful swings so we could learn and improve.

He gave us copies of our swing videos, in our case, because there was so much footage, he gave us our videos on a CD to take home with us.  He even played a few holes with us every day despite having a cracked rib at the time.  He gave swing tips – if asked.  I asked – and received some valuable suggestions – no, not to give up the game entirely!

Regarding the cruise ship, the food was, in general, good.  However, I would highly recommend that people book at least a Penthouse Suite or higher suite category and not a regular cabin, in order to get all of the many VIP perks, like the private Suite guest’s dining room and lounge.

The extra cost of having a Penthouse Suite and all of the VIP privileges that come with it is definitely worth it.

We received much better treatment with the VIP priority boarding check-in you arranged for us than the other passengers for boarding the ship in Honolulu.

With our VIP Suite category expedited boarding service in Honolulu, we had quick seamless treatment and were escorted right away to our air-conditioned Penthouse Suite where our Butler opened a bottle of chilled champagne right away and poured two glasses for us while the regular folks stood in lines ashore waiting to board the ship for an hour and a half in a hot, stuffy dockside warehouse, without even any water being served we were told, while stuck in long lines.  Our VIP expedited boarding also extended to getting us on and off the ship in the different ports of call quickly.

We really enjoyed a special restaurant that only Suite passengers could use for breakfast and lunch.  The ambiance and the food were far better there, so we used it whenever possible.

Finally, our Butler, Jay, who came with the Suite, was excellent.  He took care of everything for us daily including setting up cocktails and canapes on our beautiful veranda for happy hour in the evenings.

So, all in all, it was a great golf vacation for us.  We will be recommending you to all of our golfing friends in Toronto.  You may hear from some of them.

Thanks for doing such a great job and for talking us into booking the Suite, definitely the way to go.

Dr. George & Peggy T in Toronto, Ont. Canada

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